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Trimmings, leather and buttons

All trimmings are available in a vast selection of colours. Please send a sample of your fabrics and we can suggest a matching shade. Sold in whole metres only.

Right: just one shelf of the vast range of trimmings we can call on.

trimmings shelf
Standard braid
½in wide ideally suited for flat straight edges
per metre  
Scroll gimp
40A This bends around curves as it is shaped
per metre  
Cord 14560
¼in dia for use in Antique work. To be hand sewn.
per metre  
Flanged cord 8617
Can be machined into cushions and seams.
per metre  
Fringe 8630
Heavy 12cm bullion to finish to furniture
per metre  
Fringe 8725
7cm bullion to use above
Please send £1 for colour catalogue showing the range of above.
per metre  
Ruche 8726
For sewing into cushions and seams
per metre or 25 metre card  
Hidem banding
A trim used with leather or vinyl which hides tacks etc
Red, green, light tan, dark tan and black.
per metre or 25 metre roll.  

Whole hides Available in a choice of over 30 colours
Please ring for quote and check availability
Half hides and cuts
Colours: burgundy, olive green, light tan, dark tan, black
Hide cream
Hide food to keep leather soft, supple and stop cracking



Button making service Please supply 2in sq of your fabric and quote which size and back required.
  button moulds
Wire loop back small no. 26 15mm (5/8in dia)
Nail back small no. 26 15mm (5/8in dia)
Wire loop Med ¾in dia
Nail back med ¾in dia
Wire loop large no. 36 (7/8in dia)
Nail back large no. 36 (7/8in dia)
sold each, or discount for 25 plus

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