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Springs and webbing
Double cone springs for use in traditional upholstery with large top and bottom coil and narrow waist. 9 gauge use for sofa and chair seats. 10 gauge use for dining seats and backs. 12 gauage for use in arms for settees and chairs.

3in x 12g
4in x 12g
4in x 9g
4in x 10g
5in x 10g
5in x 12
5in x 9g
6in x 9g
6in x 10g
6in x 12g
7in x 9g
7in x 10g
8in x 9g
9in x 9g
10in x 9g
11in x 9g
12in x 9g

  double cone spring
Serpentine springs
Also known as zig-zag springs or no-snag for use in modern upholstery. Fixed with clips to frame.
Per 27in (please state length).
Clips to fit (pr)
  serpentine spring

Tension springs
Plastic coated 14g which prevents wearing of fabric
14in, 15in, 16in, 17in, 18in, 19in, 20in, 21in, 22in.

  plastic coated tension spring and plate

Tension spring fixing plate
Used to hold tension springs in place
18in x 9g (pr)

Mesh top spring units
Complete unit 6in high at the front and 5in at the back.
19in x 22in x 17in
43in x 22in x 42in
57in x 22in x 55in
  mesh top spring unit
Webbing and Pirelli products

Jute webbing
2in strips woven from jute fibre to provide support for filling materials.


per metre or roll of 36 yds jute webbing

Black & White webbing
Superior quality made from jute and flax


per metre or roll of 18 yds black and white webbing

Elastic webbing
Seat and back quality 2in, can be sewn or nailed. Can be used instead of Pirelli webbing


per metre elastic webbing

Pirelli webbing Made from rubber and cord. Allow 10% for stretch. 2in (50mm)


per metre or 50m roll. Pierelli webbing
Fittings for above
Steel clips
each Pirelli clip

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