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Nails, pins and needles
Tacks and gimp pins

Improved tacks are used for more open weave fabric as they have larger heads and Fine are chosen for closer woven fabrics.

6mm (¼in)
10mm (3/8th in
13mm (½ in
16mm (5/8 in)
20mm (3/4in)
25mm (1in)
Please state preference: Fine or Improved.

100gm or 500gm  
Gimp pins ½in. Very fine to use with scroll gimp, braids etc. Available in red, blue, green, white, brown, black and yellow. Please state colour required.
50gm or 500gm.  
Upholstery nails

High dome nails Available in Antique on steel, Brassed, Antique on brass as listed

R5 (6mm head) Brassed
R5 (6mm head) Antique on steel
R5 (6mm head) Nickled
1660 (10.5mm head) Brassed (B)
1660 (10.5mm head) Antique on steel
1660 (do.) French natural (A)
1660 (do.) Copper or French resistance
1660 (do.) Antique on brass
1660 (do.) Polished brass
1660 (do.) Nickled

H16 (16mm head) Antique on steel
H16 (do.) Brassed

packs of 50 or boxes of 1000

each or box of 250

high dome nails

french natural nail

Low dome nails

L19 (19mm head) Brassed
L19 (do.) Antique on steel
L19 (do.) Polished brass
L19 (do.) Antique on brass

L24 (24mm head) Polished brass
L24 (do.) Antique on brass

each or box of 250

each or box of 100
low dome nail

Decorative nails

Daisy, low dome (A)
Daisy, high dome (B)
Oxford Hammered (C)
Bronze Renaissance (D)
Aster (E)

decorative nails

Nail strip 1 metre length complete with fixing nails. Look like individual nails.
Bronze Renaissance or Brass per length

Samples of above nails can be supplied. Please send stamped addressed envelope.

nail strip

Back tacking strip
½ wide strip used to fix fabric and give a straight finish

Pligrip metal gripper for use in modern furniture

per 5 metres back tack strip
For bronze hammers see >>    


Curved mattress needles
Round point: fine curved needles for slip stitching.
2in (21g)
2½in (20g)
3in (17, 18, 19g)
4in, 5in, 6in, 7in (15g)
Bayonet point:
3½in (17g)
6in (14g)
Spring needles

5in semi-curved needles for sewing in springs (the bottom needle)


  curved mattress needles
Curved packing needles:
6in to sew springs to webbing
  curved packing needle
Double pointed needles Used for buttoning etc
Round points 8in, 10in, 12in and 16in
Bayonet points 12in, 14in, 16in.
  double pointed upholstery needle

Single point straight mattress needles
Round point 4in, 5in, 6in, 8in

Bayonet point 12in, 16in.

  single point straight mattress needles
Regulators with flat end and point to ease material and fillings
6in, 8in, 10in and 12in.
For threads and twines see >>    
Dressmakers’ pins
34mm (1¼ in) x 60mm thin
per 100gm or 500gm dressmakers pins
Loose cover pins
Used to hold arm covers etc.
Double pointed brass
per 100 or 200 double pointed brass pins
Twist pins steel
per 100 or 200 twist pins
Upholsterers’ skewers to hold fabric in place before stitching
Per 10 or gross upholsterers skewers

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