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Castors and glides

Black nylon castors
Standard 28mm (1 1/8in)

set of 4 black nylon castor
Heavy duty contract 41mm (1 5/8in)
Extra sockets
Twin wheel-grip neck 50mm (2in) twin wheel castor
Office chair castors 50mm (2in) set of 5 office chair castors
Shepherd castors
Socket acetal wheel 50mm no.46

Load per set of 4
Shepherd acetal castor
Square plate acetal wheel 50mm no.41 180kg Shepherd sq plate castor
Square plate metal wheel 60mm no. 51 300kg Shepherd plate metal wheel
Corner frame plate metal wheel 60mm no. 52 300kg Shepherd corner plate metal wheel
Solid brass castors - UK manufactured
Plate - brass wheel 1in 1033
1¼in 1033
1 3/8in 1033
  castor plate brass wheel
Plate - brown ceramic wheel 1in 1000
1¼in 1000
1 3/8in 1000
  plate bown ceramic wheel
Round cup - brass wheel 1in 907
1¼in 907
  round cup brass wheel
Round cup - brown ceramic
wheel 1in 834
1¼in 834
1½in 834
  round cup brown ceramic wheel
Castor rims - square 1 1/8in 2089
1¼in 2089
1in 2089R
1¼in 2089R
  brass sq plate castor rim

Black plastic with peg and socket
(rotable) 65mm

Castor cups set of 4
castor cups

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